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D-Restricted Ltd:
Book a Consultation Online

A service for infants up to 12 months old ONLY.
1. Select the consultation type that you need: 
by clicking on the 'Book Here' button adjacent to it. Follow the instructions to secure your appointment, and pay directly online. You will receive an email confirmation once this has been successful.
2. Proceed to complete and submit the 'Health Questionnaire':
The 'Health Questionnaire' is required to be submitted for your first (any service) attendance. 

It does not need re-submitting for subsequent appointments on the rare occasion you may need to.

I recommend this is done at the same time as your appointment booking,

preferably immediately after booking the consultation. 

You will receive an Email confirmation once this has been successful.
Failure to submit this 'Health Questionnaire' may result in your appointment being deferred or cancelled.

Booking Your Appointment:

Please refer to the  'Cancellations and Refunds' Policy prior to confirming your appointment by clicking on the link or through the 'Considerations'