Booking Your Appointment

A service for infants up to 12 months old ONLY.
Please kindly read ALL of the information that is below the 'list' of the services that I offer.

nb A 'Mini-Consult' is not mandatory in order to proceed to a frenulotomy (division) appointment. 

A 'Tongue-Tie Consultation'  includes the same assessment that is performed at the 'Mini-Consult' and streamlines the process for you (a Tongue-Tie Consultation includes the division (frenulotomy) -if required-, observation of feeding ability, and weekly aftercare communications and incurs a fee). 

Attending a 'Mini-Consult' does not reduce the cost should you choose to attend both services.
Thank you!
The 'Health Questionnaire' is required to be submitted for your first (any service) attendance, it does not need re-submitting for subsequent appointments. I recommend this is done at the same time as your appointment booking, preferably within 2 hours of booking.
Failure to submit this 'Health Questionnaire' may result in your appointment being deferred or cancelled.