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A service for infants up to 12 months old ONLY.
Please kindly read ALL of the information below the 'list' of the services I offer.
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AS OF 14/06/2021:


This may only proceed following the receipt of the 'Health Questionnaire' which must be completed in advance of this appointment. I recommend this is done at the same time as your appointment booking, preferably within 2 hours of booking.


(CV13 0HX)

Appointments for ALL services may ONLY proceed following receipt of the ‘Health Questionnaire’ which recommended to be completed within 2 hours of your appointment booking. This is found on the tab titled ‘Health Questionnaire’ on my website, and there are also links to it throughout the bookings process.  It is sent to me securely (it is not visible to anyone else) so that I have your background medical and feeding history in advance of meeting you: so we can maximise the use of the time we have during the appointment to focus on feeding ability.

I appreciate that the ‘Health Questionnaire’ itself appears long, although this is not expected to take longer than 10 minutes to complete-but it is important as without this information, I am unable to provide you with a balanced, realistic and holistic assessment and feeding plan.


FAILURE TO COMPLETE YOUR ‘HEALTH QUESTIONNAIRE’ IN ADVANCE OF YOUR APPOINTMENT MAY RESULT IN BEING UNABLE TO COMPLETE YOUR ASSESSMENT. (The ONLY exception to this is if you have already had a consultation with myself, in which case please call me to arrange any future appointments directly).

Only the gestational birth parent plus 1 additional supporting adult maximum may attend the clinics.  Other attendees will be asked to wait outside in your vehicle.  The Barlestone clinic is part of my domestic home and does not offer a waiting room.  The address is Nuneaton, Warwickshire-but please plan your route in advance because it is not really near Nuneaton!  However, it is next to a beautiful recreational area, so should you have siblings with you, another adult may consider taking them there-but the gestational parent is required to stay at my clinic for both consent and feeding purposes. The venue is NOT suitable for older siblings to attend nor is it appropriate for them to view/witness the procedure. Please wait in your vehicle until I call you through (phone-call) or you see me waving at you from the door! Please park directly outside my house (street parking) so that I see you arrive! The venue does have outdoor CCTV in operation.  You may wish to view the clinic at this link: CLINIC SPACE.



The Tummy2Mummy clinic does boast a spacious waiting room but may be running additional services in other clinics within the same building at the same time as my clinic.

27 New Street, Hickley, Leicestershire, LE10 1QY (for sat-nav use LE10 1QZ)

For Tongue Tie Assessment/Division PLEASE READ:


At the appointment you will be asked to sign against a minimum of 3 documents. It is advisable that you read these in advance of your appointment at the  'CONSIDERATIONS' tab above, and a signature is required at the appointment for these.

1)Terms and Conditions

2)Privacy Notice

3)Infection Control (Coronavirus precautions & restrictions)

Should a frenectomy (division) be suggested, consent to the procedure is also required as a 4th document following explanation of the procedure and the risks.


Please ensure that you are familiar with all of the risks of the procedure in advance of your appointment.  I will discuss these with you, but by being aware of them in advance, will allow you to make an informed choice at the appointment.  There is no rush nor obligation to have a frenectomy at the appointment, you may want longer to think about your decision, or decide against it. I am happy to answer any questions that you may have.



Measures remain in place in order to prevent the risk and spread of coronavirus. Please refer to

>Please wait in your vehicle until you are called through (phone) or you see me at the door, so that you are not at additional risk by touching door handles or in close proximity of other clients.

>Please wear a face covering unless you are medically exempt

>Bring your infant in your arms, and NOT in the car seat

>Should you develop any symptoms of COVID-19 or are in contact with another person who has: please refrain from attending your appointment, obtain a PCR test and contact me to re-schedule.



>Please have your baby hungry (peckish but not starving!)

>Please encourage your baby to have a ‘good’ sleep where able prior to your appointment.

>If your baby is over 12 weeks old, you may wish to consider administrating a dose of paracetamol prior to your journey.

>It is advisable for your baby to be wearing light-weight clothing, with baby mitts (a babygrow is perfect).

>A plain square blanket, towel, or over-sized muslin square (used to swaddle in).

>A bib/muslin square for any post division dribble.

>If you are bottle feeding or combination feeding, a bottle with infant milk/expressed milk.

>Dummies/Pacifiers if your baby uses them-not required if not!

>Nipple shields-Only if you have previously been using these

>The Child’s red health record (red book) is very important

The fees incurred for Tongue-Tie Assessment/Division or Lactation Support  

includes weekly follow-up communications for as long as you wish

(via text message only. face:face follow-up may incur a charge).

This does not include 'MINI-CONSULT' appointments where there are NO follow up arrangements included.

*Payment is in full upfront for ALL services.  Should a division not be necessary or declined then a partial refund is returned to the original payment method.

Please see 'Payment Breakdown' below.

Please refer to the  'Cancellations and Refunds' Policy prior to confirming your appointment by clicking on the link or through the 'Considerations' tab above.

Thank you for your co-operation!



Tongue-Tie Assessment & Division:
UPFRONT FEES=£195.00 paid online at point of booking. The booking fee is also included at £30.00.  The booking fee is non-refundable should you cancel your appointment(s). Should a division not be assumed beneficial or declined then total cost is £100.00 (£70.00 assessment+£30.00 booking fees), therefore I refund you £