Terms & Conditions

1.     Vitamin K has been administered via injection at birth by your midwife, or if taken orally both doses have been administered and the course is complete. 

     *In the event parents do not wish for Vitamin K administration, or oral course is incomplete, additional consent is required to proceed.

2.    A parent or legal Guardian has to be present for the appointment.

3.    Payment is due at the end of the appointment and delay in paying may result in further actions.

    *If division is declined, the outstanding balance is for one hour of 'Infant Feeding' support.

  **Should a personal insurance plan be incurring the cost, it is parental responsibility to ensure the procedure is covered in their "Terms and Conditions". Payment for the appointment is still due at the appointment time from the parent(s) to myself, and then would be claimed from the insurance provider to the claiming parent.

4.   The practitioner reserves the right to decline the procedure at any point.

5.   Consent to control any excessive blood loss, which may require the use of specialist dressings/techniques or attendance to local Children's Emergency Department.

6.   The parent or legal guardian must declare any allergies of the infant and breastfeeding parent.

7.   Any appointment where the attendees do not attend without prior arrangement with the practitioner will lose their deposit payment as per the cancellation policy.

8.   If you need to cancel your appointment at any point please do so in advance as I often receive last minute referrals who can utilise your appointment.

9.   The parent/legal guardian must declare any medications the infant is receiving.

10.  D.Warren may choose to contact your healthcare provider(s) should there be a any concern for you or your family's health or welfare, this may include your GP or your Health visitor. For example a safeguarding concern, abuse, neglect or medical concern (this list is not exhaustive).  Similarly,  D. Warren may be legally required to share the documentation held with professional authorities or insurance companies (in reference to your child's care),   I also give permission for this to be shared where appropriate.

11.   Acknowledgement of the following protocols (found in more detail below):

               -Venue Considerations

               -Privacy Notice

               -Complaints Procedure

               -Cancellation and Refunds Policy

12.  The signing parent/guardian must  be legally responsible for the infant with full legal/custody rights to the infant's welfare.

13.  I/we consent to the handling of my/our infant for the purposes of assessment, examination, and if mutually agreed treatment also.

14.  If breastfeeding support is offered during the appointment I/we consent to the possible appropriate touch to aid breastfeeding.

15.  I/we are aware that photography for the purposes of medical record keeping is taken of my/our infants mouth both pre and post procedure.


Diana Warren;

Registered Nurse (RGN),

IBCLC (International Board Certified Lactation Consultant),

Neonatal Specialist Nurse (QIS),

Breastfeeding Counsellor (ABM),

LEAARC Infant Feeding Specialist,

Independent Tongue-Tie Practitioner,

Baby Massage Instructor &

Baby/Toddler Yoga Instructor

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