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D-Restricted Ltd:


Your opportunity to feedback

You may choose to leave feedback on the service you have received, booking process, and your practitioner.  By doing so, it will highlight any areas that may need improving/adjusting; to enable future client experiences to be at the optimum, both at a personal level, and as a speciality through research, and by finding out what is most important to you.
I may also be able to use it as 'evidence' for my professional portfolios (NMC, IBCLC, CQC).
Feedback can be submitted by completing any (or all) of the following:
  1. The formal feedback questionnaire section below
  2. CQC (Care Quality Commission) or telephone 03000 616161.
  3. Google Service Reviews

Thank you

Formal Feedback Form:
This form enables me to collaborate professional feedback that can be collated for my personal and professional portfolios, and is anonymous.
 Thank you.
Please rate your overall experience:Pretty badNot so goodGoodVery goodAwesomePlease rate your overall experience:
Of the following attributes; please tick the ones you feel your practitioner displayed (can choose multiple)

Has the division helped your feeding journey?-(Please rate using the stars)

Do you feel that the division has aided your feeding journey?No, Not helped at allSome mild improvementNoticeable improvementyes has made a big difference100% full optimum improvementDo you feel that the division has aided your feeding journey?

Thank you for taking the time to complete your feedback.

Should you also wish to feedback to CQC (Care Quality Commission) , positive or negative, this is encouraged at: or telephone 03000 616161.

Please rate your overall experience:


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