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D-Restricted Ltd:®
 Complaints Procedure

D-Restricted Ltd will always take complaints about any aspects of the services very seriously, in order to ensure that every patient has only the very best experience at all times. 

However, sometimes caregiver(s) may feel that D-Restricted Ltd has not met their needs. If caregiver(s) have a complaint or concern about the service provided by D-Restricted Ltd, they are actively encouraged to ask for an explanation.

Complaints are dealt with in the first instance by D-Restricted Ltd, and may be with advice from her indemnifier (HISCOX). This may include disclosure of a service-user’s personal identifiable data (PID), which the caregiver(s) will have been made aware of through acknowledgement of both the ‘Terms and Conditions’ (, and the ‘Privacy Notice’ (

Any concerns can be raised initially directly during consultations or by phone. If this problem is not resolved in this way and the caregiver(s) wish to make a formal complaint, it is requested this is done as soon as possible.   Assurance is given that any complaint a caregiver(s) may make, written or verbal, will be treated with the strictest confidence and have no effect upon the level of treatment and care that the infant receives.

In order to ensure that your complaint is dealt with in both a timely and efficient manner; please include as much detail as you can about what you found to be sub-standard/unacceptable about the service you received, alongside any facts that you know.  This may include:

  •      Dates,

  •      Names of people present/involved in their care,

  •      Names & contact details of additional professional advice sought,

  •      Records of a professional’s ‘second opinion’ where applicable,

  •      Receipts/invoices etc of additional services accessed,

  •      A full description of the complaint itself.

It is imperative that you include this information as without it D-Restricted Ltd is unable to process and address the complaint to put any measures in place for your benefit so that any potential reimbursement is a fair reflection on the account you have experienced, but also for professional learning and prevention of reoccurrence.

Complaints can be made in writing to:

D-Restricted Ltd

31 Avondale Road,




CV13 0HX, 

or via email: by the patient's parent/legal caregiver or by an authorised person on their behalf.

Should an appointed ‘authorised person’ be representing the complainant, consent will need to be sought from the caregiver(s) directly for their permission to disclose their case.  The only exception to this would be legal representation or a member of social services should there be concerns with parental rights of the infant. 

Whilst D-Restricted Ltd can receive a complaint on behalf of a service-user, D-Restricted Ltd cannot provide any medical information to a third party that the complainant may involve without the caregiver(s) written consent (a form for this will be provided upon request via the insurer).  If a consultation has already been undertaken, this has already been achieved as is part of the consent form.

Each complaint will receive written/email acknowledgment within 48 hours, and D-Restricted Ltd will address the complaint within 28 working days.  Any delays in this process will be formally communicated to the caregiver(s) with a revised time frame and explanation for the delay.  

Alternatively, D-Restricted Ltd may seek advice from the CEDR (Centre for Effective Dispute Resolution).  For this, D-Restricted Ltd would need to obtain the contact forms for processing the complaint to be investigated. CEDR is an independent organisation who will provide professional mediation and investigation into the nature and outcome of the complaint (  An independent representative of CEDR would contact both parties to understand and investigate the complaint and work towards a resolution.  (D-Restricted Ltd would need to disclose your contact details for this to be investigated).

The Association of Tongue Tie Practitioners (ATP) have also provided some generic information for caregivers who wish to report sub-standard care and their guidance can be sought by accessing this link:

Whilst the Care Quality Commission (CQC) are keen to receive feedback on the services they regulate, they (CQC), the Professional Indemnity Insurance Provider (HISCOX), and the Association of Tongue Tie Practitioners (ATP) do not directly deal with complaints directly from caregiver(s), although they may be able to provide caregiver(s) with additional guidance or support, and so are also listed below for your convenience:


Diana Victoria Warren

D-Restricted Ltd

31 Avondale road




CV13 0HX



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