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 Resources, Support & Suggestions

Here, I have tried to combine all of the commonly accessed resources relevant to infant feeding complications.  Of course, this is not everything as that would be impossible to upload and keep updated all of the resources I have access to, but I wanted to be able to share some with you for the times you are unable to contact me 'out-of-hours'.

Please also look to the Facebook group too as that also houses many resources but also allows you to ask direct questions or start a conversation thread with your peers within the closed group. 

Please remember that your feeding journey is unique to your feeding goals, abilities and family rhythm. If you have any questions at all regarding your feeding journey within your 6 week 'aftercare' period please do not hesitate to contact me.

07910608179 or


Tethered Oral Tissues:




Aiming for a wide & deep latch:

A full breastfeeding module (FREE) by me! : 

Breastfeeding Video : 

Breast Compressions: 

Feeding with a high palate: 

Deeper Latch/Exaggerated Latch/Flipple Technique:

Biological Nurturing/Laid-Back Positions: 

UNICEF UK Positioning and Attachment: 

Koala Hold & Straddle Position: 

Latching Tips: 

Breastfeeding after a c-section: 

Dangle Feeding position:

Breastfeeding Video Demos: 

Dr Jack Newman-Asymmetrical Latch:


Breastfeeding positions for Newborns: 

Breast Pain, Blockages & Thrush:

Mammary Constriction: 

Why does breastfeeding hurt?: 

Causes of painful nipples: 

Raynaud's phenomenon: 

Breast pain:

Nipple Healing:

Nipple vasospasm: 

Bacterial infections:


Lecithin supplements:

Nipple bleb/blisters: 

Breast Lumps:

Human Milk Supply:

Fast Letdown Reflex:


Increasing Suppy & Relactation:

Nipple Shields:

Nipple Shield Introduction:

Weaning from a Nipple Shield:

Expressing, and Breast Milk Storage:

Silicone Pump:

Hand Expression:

Benefits of Expressing:

Exclusive Expressing:

Types of Expressing Pumps:

Expressing and Storage of Breast Milk:


Teething & Breastfeeding:

Stopping Breastfeeding

Stopping Breastfeeding:

Bottle Feeding:


Formula Top-Ups:

Teat Confusion/Preference:

Making Formula Bottles Safely:

Types of Formula:

Bottle Feeding Positions:

How to Bottle-Feed/Paced Bottle Feeding:

Bottle Types:

Topics of Shared Interest

Reflux, Colic & Trapped Wind:



Trapped wind:

Concerns with Infant Growth & Weight:

Signs of sufficient feeding volumes:

Concerns with Poor Weight Gain:

Supplementing to Aid Weight Gain:

Suspected or Confirmed Allergy:

Dairy & Lactose Intolerance or Allergy:

Fussy Feeding Behaviour:


Infant Feeding Refusal/Aversion:

Suck Training:

Breastfeeding Refusal:

Bottle Feeding Refusal:

Alternative Feeding Options:

(with the support and guidance of your healthcare professional)

Introducing Solids:

Supplementation Nursing System (SNS):

Cup Feeding:

Finger Feeding:

Bottle Feeding:

Other Feeding Methods:

Hunger & Tiredness Cues:

Developmental Leaps & Growth Spurts:

Tiredness Cues & Safe Sleep:

Hunger Cues:

Recognising Infant Cues:


For all infant feeding or post division queries, questions or concerns, in the first instance please contact me directly 07910608179,

NHS '111' is available 24hours a day, 7 days a week.



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