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ડી-પ્રતિબંધિત લિ.

જીભ-ટાઈ પ્રતિબંધ શું છે?

I am contactable at every stage of your feeding journey for the 6 week period following your baby's tongue-tie division.  This is called 'IBCLC in your pocket!'.

Over the next few weeks you are encouraged to access these pages so that you know what to expect, and at which point.  Of course, there are always exceptions and no two feeding journeys are the same.  Your journey is very bespoke. Influencing factors to their feeding efficiency include gestation at birth, medical health, ill health, home distractions, teething, injections, developmental/growth leaps and type of birth-alongside the current tone and strength of their tongue which will improve at different rates. 

Below is the current weeks suggested & generalised guidance to allow you the opportunity to understand what to 'expect', in the hope it is reassuring.

There are many 'variations of normal', so you are actively encouraged to contact me directly with any queries, questions or concerns-or just for an update chat!


Week 1:


As discussed at your appointment, I will support you remotely through text/email communications for upto 6 weeks in what I call “IBCLC in my pocket!”

An IBCLC is the gold standard level in infant feeding regardless of the feeding method of choice.

During these 6 weeks, although I do make the initial contact, please do contact me as often as you need to for queries, questions or concerns you may have-it’s what I’m here for! 😊

If after 6 weeks you would like further support, a reassessment or a face2face follow-up evaluation; this can be purchased through my website in the same way you did for this one. A re-division is also a possibility but as you know the risk is <2% so please don’t panic about that one just yet-& there would be no need to redo the questionnaire 🙈!  

There is also my Facebook peer support group which houses lots of free support, articles and videos-which you may have joined already, but if not the link is: 

Additionally, I have made some ‘Parentcraft modules’ to refer to throughout the early years which may be of interest and are totally FREE! These have 24hr unlimited access, video demonstrations and are narrated to you from evidence based research and of course a certificate on completion! 

The topics are:

📌Breastfeeding Know-How : CLICK HERE

📌Baby Massage : CLICK HERE

📌Baby and Toddler Yoga : CLICK HERE

📌Tongue Tie Awareness 

(to be honest this one is more aimed at health professionals but you may find it of interest) : CLICK HERE

📌Introducing Solids : CLICK HERE

Best Wishes,
Diana Warren


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