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ડી-પ્રતિબંધિત લિ.

જીભ-ટાઈ પ્રતિબંધ શું છે?

I am contactable at every stage of your feeding journey for the 6 week period following your baby's tongue-tie division.  This is called 'IBCLC in your pocket!'.

Over the next few weeks you are encouraged to access these pages so that you know what to expect, and at which point.  Of course, there are always exceptions and no two feeding journeys are the same.  Your journey is very bespoke. Influencing factors to their feeding efficiency include gestation at birth, medical health, ill health, home distractions, teething, injections, developmental/growth leaps and type of birth-alongside the current tone and strength of their tongue which will improve at different rates. 

Below is the current weeks suggested & generalised guidance to allow you the opportunity to understand what to 'expect', in the hope it is reassuring.

There are many 'variations of normal', so you are actively encouraged to contact me directly with any queries, questions or concerns-or just for an update chat!


Week 2:


I’m hopeful that there has been some further, gradual progression in feeding ability this past week, but if not, don't panic-its still very early days.  This week its more a case of continuing as you are, encouraging wide open gape and stepping up the tongue function exercises too.

The wound itself should be well and truly on the way to being fully healed & not visible if it’s not done so already-but I am of course happy to see any pictures you may have if you are unsure, feel free to text them over to me.  There are some example photos in the 'Gallery' of this website-I have linked this for you for ease of viewing.

Overall though, it’s still early days on this ‘type’ of feeding journey, please do ask me any questions/concerns or just let me know everything is “on-track”!!

Best Wishes,
Diana Warren


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