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ડી-પ્રતિબંધિત લિ.

જીભ-ટાઈ પ્રતિબંધ શું છે?

I am contactable at every stage of your feeding journey for the 6 week period following your baby's tongue-tie division.  This is called 'IBCLC in your pocket!'.

Over the next few weeks you are encouraged to access these pages so that you know what to expect, and at which point.  Of course, there are always exceptions and no two feeding journeys are the same.  Your journey is very bespoke. Influencing factors to their feeding efficiency include gestation at birth, medical health, ill health, home distractions, teething, injections, developmental/growth leaps and type of birth-alongside the current tone and strength of their tongue which will improve at different rates. 

Below is the current weeks suggested & generalised guidance to allow you the opportunity to understand what to 'expect', in the hope it is reassuring.

There are many 'variations of normal', so you are actively encouraged to contact me directly with any queries, questions or concerns-or just for an update chat!


Week 3:


I'm hopeful feeding continues to improve and your little one is beginning to get into the 'swing of things' now?!

It's not uncommon at this stage for trapped wind and fussy/colicky behaviour and dribbling to seem worse.  This is usually temporary as the tongue strengthens, and co-ordinates that strength with the muscles and surrounding oral structures.

In the interim to help, techniques such as 'wonky winding', 'tiger in the tree' hold and increasing tummy time can be beneficial. If you are breastfeeding a laid back feeding position, or if bottle feeding a "paced" bottle feeding approach can help to slow the flow down (info on all of these are on my Facebook group or feel free to just hollah). There is also a section on my baby massage downloadable module specific to 'colic and teething' that can also help too which is FREE to access with video demonstrations, and can be accessed through the linked button below.

It's worth knowing that when there is a high palate thrown into the mix then there is usually always a little wind hidden in there!

Best Wishes,
Diana Warren


wonky winding tongue tie

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