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ડી-પ્રતિબંધિત લિ.

જીભ-ટાઈ પ્રતિબંધ શું છે?

I am contactable at every stage of your feeding journey for the 6 week period following your baby's tongue-tie division.  This is called 'IBCLC in your pocket!'.

Over the next few weeks you are encouraged to access these pages so that you know what to expect, and at which point.  Of course, there are always exceptions and no two feeding journeys are the same.  Your journey is very bespoke. Influencing factors to their feeding efficiency include gestation at birth, medical health, ill health, home distractions, teething, injections, developmental/growth leaps and type of birth-alongside the current tone and strength of their tongue which will improve at different rates. 

Below is the current weeks suggested & generalised guidance to allow you the opportunity to understand what to 'expect', in the hope it is reassuring.

There are many 'variations of normal', so you are actively encouraged to contact me directly with any queries, questions or concerns-or just for an update chat!


Week 5


It’s now been 5 weeks since having the frenulotomy procedure, and by now feeding should be heading towards that desired improvement!

Bodily tensions in the jaw and neck are common, particularly in those who have had a tongue tie restriction, coupled with a c-section or instrumental delivery.

Therapies such as cranial-sacral, osteopathy, chiropractic or myofunctional treatments all claim to be able to offer some relief for them. Tongue function motility exercises specifically designed to increase the functional ability of the collection of muscles, and oral structures that make up the tongue itself; will continue to be helpful at this stage, and I would encourage you to continue with these until that specific “exercise” has been mastered. (although I imagine most of them have been by now anyway 😊).  The exercises I promote were given to you at the original appointment and are also found at the linked button below.

If you have not done so already, please take advantage of the FREE parentcraft modules , of which baby massage and yoga are particularly good for strengthening, tone, relaxation and bonding.

Next week marks the final part to your “IBCLC in your pocket” program, so as always please ask me any queries, questions or concerns you have about your feeding journey so that I can address these in a timely manner.

Best Wishes,
Diana Warren


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