Mini-Consult Oral Assessment @LE10 1QY

FREE tongue-motility examination to assess for restriction 10mins ONLY

  • 15 minutes
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Service Description

I am able to assess your little one for a tongue-tie restriction or a short follow-up review, at no cost or obligation to you (10 MINUTES) I will document in your child's red health book, so that you have a record of my suggestions-so please remember to bring it! I am also a lactation consultant (IBCLC), so should there not be a restriction, I can investigate the feeding issues, suggest a feeding plan, or signpost you to additional services who may further support you.  **This appointment DOES NOT include a tongue-tie division.  Should you need a division appointment at a future date, attending this consultation does NOT make the division appointment cheaper in cost value.  It will however; free additional time within that allocated appointment to further support your feeding** ALL feeding methods and choices supported, up until 12 months old. As these appointments are very short and succinct (10 minutes only) it is VITAL that before your appointment the 'Health Questionnaire' is completed in advance.  Completion of this form is to enable me to establish a feeding history; it does not replace a face to face tongue-tie diagnosis. Nor does it guarantee a frenular division.  It is sent to me securely so that I have your background information in advance of your appointment, (it is not visible to anybody else).  I appreciate the 'Health Questionnaire' appears long, although this is not expected to take longer than 10 minutes-but it is important as without this information, I am unable to provide you with a balanced realistic assessment and feeding plan.  FAILURE TO COMPLETE YOUR 'HEALTH QUESTIONNAIRE' IN ADVANCE OF YOUR APPOINTMENT MAY RESULT IN BEING UNABLE TO COMPLETE YOUR ASSESSMENT. The only exception to this is if you have already had a consultation with myself, in which case please call me to arrange) Should you have any difficulty completing this please contact me to discuss your concerns 07910608179. Held during Leicestershire term-time only (dates will be displayed on this website-under the 'Free Review' tab).  As I am doing this in a voluntary capacity, the times, duration and dates are non-negotiable. **IF YOUR INFANT HAS ALREADY HAD AN ASSESSMENT OR DIVISION AND YOU WOULD LIKE ADDITIONAL SUPPORT, IN THE FIRST INSTANCE PLEASE CONTACT YOUR ORIGINAL PRACTITIONER AS THEY HAVE ACCESS TO YOUR INFANT'S ORIGINAL MEDICAL RECORDS, AND THEY REMAIN YOUR ACCOUNTABLE PRACTITIONER.  IF THIS IS  NOT POSSIBLE PLEASE DISCUSS WITH ME VIA TELEPHONE BEFORE YOU BOOK

Cancellation Policy

Sometimes, unavoidable things happen which may mean you would need to cancel or reschedule your appointment, and I understand this.  Should you wish to cancel your appointment at any point, please do so at your earliest convenience. I usually have more than one last minute emergency referral that commonly need to make an urgent appointment; who may appreciate an earlier time slot should one become available. Unfortunately I am unable to refund your initial deposit, unless you were to reschedule this, then can then be transferred, unless less than 4 hours notice is given, in which case your deposit is lost.  If you are running late for your appointment, please call me to discuss, as if you are estimated to arrive 10 minutes later than the scheduled time you may miss your appointment and loose your deposit/booking fee, Please ring me to confirm 07910608179. Should I need to cancel I will do so as early as possible and I will do my very best to rearrange your appointment with minimal delay, or refund your deposit/booking fee so you have the option to choose an alternative provider if necessary.   ( In the event of a sudden serious illness or critical accident where I would be unable to contact you, or in the event of my death, all appointments would be cancelled by a third party (also healthcare professional who is DBS checked) and arrange a refund as able. Of course the nominated person will need to gain access to your name, telephone number and payment details in order to do so and access to this is protected so may take a while for them to access this information legally.  The Association of Tongue-Tie Practitioners (ATP) would be made aware to remove my name from their approved listings, and notices would be put on both my website and social media pages. Patient records will see be available should you wish to view them for 25 years post division. If I have died, Please contact ICO (details are found on the 'Privacy Notice' tab) for details of my successor who will be able to arrange this for you ensuring you can provide the required formal identification. Please feel free to contact me with any questions that you may have 07910608179.

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