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The aim of this support group is to support all families feeding their infants. Support is available on all infant feeding methods, all caregivers & supporting adults (mums, dads, grandparents etc)are welcomed and it is not specific to tongue-tied infants- although tongue-tied infants are also made very welcome! (Tongue tie assessment and division is not performed in this group).
You will be met with a friendly smile and a brew! Other families attend too so their is also a nice social/peer support aspect to the group too.
My group is free to attend although small anonymous donations are welcome in the kitty jar to fund beverages and room hire, which is otherwise taken from my pocket, but there is never any obligation :)
Example topics of support include:

  • Positioning and attachment 

  • Shallow latch

  • Painful latch

  • Issues with maternal supply-too much/too little

  • Painful latch

  • Support following frenulotomy

  • Frenulotomy wound 'checks'

  • Feeding aversion (breast and bottle)

  • Bottle refusal

  • Weight loss/gain concerns

  • Allergies

  • Colic

  • Hungry baby

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Upcoming (confirmed) dates:

  • Wednesday June 5th; 10am-12 noon

  • Wednesday June 12th; 10am-12 noon

  • Wednesday June 19th; 10am-12 noon

  • Wednesday June 26th; 10am-12 noon

  • Wednesday July 3rd; 10am-12 noon

  • Wednesday July 10th; 10am-12 noon

  • Wednesday July 17th; NO GROUP THIS WEEK

  • Wednesday July 24th; NO GROUP THIS WEEK

  • Wednesday July 31st; 10am-12 noon 

  • Wednesday August 7th; 10am-12 noon

  • Wednesday August 14th; 10am-12 noon

  • Wednesday August 21st; 10am-12 noon

  • Wednesday August 28th; 10am-12 noon

  • Wednesday September 4th; 10am-12 noon

  • Wednesday September 11th; 10am-12 noon

  • Wednesday September 18th; 10am-12 noon

  • Wednesday September 25th; 10am- 12 noon

Please check back nearer to the time for future summer dates.

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