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D-Restricted Ltd:®
Tongue Tie School
Practising Privileges:

To question if this is a feasible, realistic option

would need to declare via insurance, accountants and HMRC

  1. even if 0 hours contract and the practitioner is accountable for own finances-how to ensure they declare everything to me to take commission?

  2. how to safely transfer patient info to me for my insurance records?-share point

  3. put employees via wix bookings


  1. research practising privileges employer responsibility

  2. practising privileges employer contract (check martha's and PMs)-used also as evidence for atp

  3. 0 hours contracts with terms

  4. inform CQC

0 hours contract & application form

abide to/links to my policies

dbs enhanced-how to arrange/who

atp member (desirable not essential)

fit and proper persons-see cqc guidelines for employers and marthas too

  • mandatory training-who provides-when-how

  • proof of identity-what

  • employment history/CV

  • record of qualifcations/regulators

  • personal health?

  • ATP Listing (cap amount?-all promo)

  • insurance

  • min 2 references

  • immunisation history

  • adherence to my policies inc infection control, safeguarding, gdpr, handwashing technique, BLS, bleeding management, CAEs

CQC guidance-who has to register?

almost like a franchise-i provide 'plan' of how consultation layout-i provide all documentation, policies, aftercare docs, access to my resources, aftercare leaflets etc. Their forms are shared with me through secure means-secure email/dropbox/password protected electronic means

-employee appraisals

-mandatory training

record keeping training/documentation

-insurance cover

-CQC cover

-CAE submissions-i will need a register

-employee personal records for my records-electronic?

-they are self employed with 0 hours contract, D-Restricted not responsible for sick, pension, holidays, HMRC tax/financial

-employee to provide scissors/equipment

-update training to remain current

-regional meets for d restricted employees

-how employees to submit consent and assx form


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