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D-Restricted Ltd:®
Tongue Tie School
Practical Assessment:


at my clinic with my clients? my equipment?

at their clinic or home visiting? who provides equipment-lone working policy

travel expenses-who? how?

  • Use tummy2mummy double room? ad-hoc £10 ph-no sink

  • hygge house thurmaston-htps:// £24 per day (0830-6pm) book online!  ? if double room LE48ED

sharps disposal

consent form

who is responsible or follow up or reformation appts?

?student to source clinic and parent/babies so that local for parents

what if i am unable to source the clients needed?

what to do if student cancels placement last minute-charges to student? (difference between full and reduced rates to parents covered by student)

? offer 2 week block at my clinic (CA in afterschool club) student travels or local accomodation (bring lunch)-waiting area?

who manages follow-up

how to protect from training competitors?

assessor feedback

student reflection section

practice assessment document? (PAD)-pre-printed and bound? (inc handouts, sent to students on first payment installment)

how the competency workbook relates to 4 nmc criterias

employ additional mentors?-are their assessments valid too?-vicarious liability

DO- Direct observation

Q-Questioning (ie re bleeding guidelines etc)

WP-work product (supporting evidence)

until student feels proficient

section for my notes/student reflections

copies for me (set pages)

interviews-induction interview-midway interview-student to identify learning needs and progression-final interview-not done until criteria passed-keep going until competent/proficient? 

Action planning section

phased practical or as a block until 20 competent

student expectations, breaks

coaching-CLiP, faciliitating, empowering-

Induction-uniform policy-ID badges, policies expected to adhere to

int he event student is unwell

fire exits

mandatory training prior to starting


  1. make competency workbook (use cqc framework as guide)-downloadable inc reflections/feelings

  2. training agreement/contract with each student detailing who is responsible for which element

  3. alter my cqc statement of purpose to reflect ad-hoc locations for home visits/satelite clinic (and detail practising privileges arrangements too)

  4. if becomes weekly/regular to add to atp listings page


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