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Tongue Tie School
Course Content & Overview:

password protected page
intro to course


  • Study days combine lectures, games, videos, discussions, handouts, practical demonstrations, dramas, case studies and skills practice

  • Clearly linking theory to everyday work with breastfeeding mothers and babies

student expectations
self care/managing workload/other committments
differing experience
constructive feedback
how we learn/Kolb-learning styles and theories
blooms taxonomy

online induction
curriculum outline

  • 6 online modules, one per month. The course is self guided learning so a minimum of 6 months to complete all 3 areas of criteria assessment

  • no deadline?/1 month

  • All modules have quiz on the presentation

  • for the advanced course there is also coursework to be completed which will form your business plan documents

1-Anatomy and Physiology
2-How a restriction can impact on oral health, the social, emotional, aspect, how families are affected and how they can support
3-Tongue function assessment

4-The importance of bodytherapies, tongue function exercises and oral play

5-Tongue function consultation
6-Aftercare, Follow-up and Course evaluation-should i include my resources? should i sell my resources?!

Coursework Submission

Coursework Title
Upload File
Upload File

suggested reading list
-order from library

  1. sarahs book

  2. reflux book

  3. myo book

  4. hazelbaker book


refer to references on atp website

my article

my blog

Observation Shadowing clinic


  1. If you would like to see how I support parents and infants during their consultations with me, please let me know. This is ideal for you to see first hand the assessment, frenulotomy and immediate feeding thereafter. Ties in with module 4

  2. Availability 6 days per week. The parents/caregivers i see will need to consent to you observing. Should you have questions during the consultation i encourage you to ask after the parents have left.

  3. bring you ID badge with you

  4. complete my feedback

  5. no additional charge for this experience

To-Do list

  1. Assessment criteria in more detail and how assessments are graded

  2. plagurism disclaimer consent thing

  3. submission form to upload assessments

  4. Booking form for observation days

  5. feedback form for my work on observation feedback

  6. booking enquiry form for practical

  7. payments/payment scheme/cancellations/refunds

  8. complaints

  9. module course dates per cohort

  10. attendance certificate for interactive module completion

  11. successful competence in tt training certificate

  12. in wix bookings make the modules& Q&A sessions with zoom links (nb 45 mins) non-visible but i can book individually

  13. increase zoom link subscription

  14. recommended reading list

  15. grading assessment tool-see d robertsons!

  16. Ts and Cs of course acceptance


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