Baby Massage &

Baby Yoga

I am qualified to deliver baby massage and baby yoga courses, to teach you as the parent some self-help measures that may aid your baby in his or her well-being and overall health.

There are 3 courses available;

  1. Baby Massage (4 week course @ 1 session per week)

  2. Yoga-Babes (5 week course @ 1 session per week)

  3. Yoga-Tots (5 week course @ 1 session per week)

 There are variations of these too; providing a full course has been completed, a one-off drop-in can be considered as a refresher,

or a course specific to teething or colic also.​ 

Each course is delivered at one session per week over 4 or 5 weeks duration.

My training has been accredited and recognised by:

  1.  The International Institute for Complimentary Therapists (IICT)

  2.  The Independent Professional Therapists Institute (IPTI)

  3.  The Complimentary Therapists Association (CThA)

  4. Royal College of Midwives (RCM)

BENEFITS of Baby Massage

Baby massage is not a new concept, and has been practised in other countries for hundreds of years, with the belief that it helps with health, happiness, security and a feeling of being loved-for parent and baby.  Baby Massage is tailored for all babies right from birth until pre-crawling age. It also addresses many of the symptoms a baby may be experiencing as a result of a restrictive frenulum such as colic, trapped wind, reflux and teething without the need for medication.  It also has the added benefits for parents with bonding and confidence with their baby.

Baby Massage involves the parent/caregiver learning massage techniques, in order to promote physical and emotional well-being to the baby whilst also promoting bonding and attachment skills for the parent too.

  • Interaction - This links closely with improved bonding and attachment outcomes, increased confidence in parenting and all round improved baby handling skills.  

  • Stimulation - The routine works all over babies body from the head to babies toes.  The strokes are designed to stimulate many of babies internal systems (for example the digestive system and the nervous system).  By regularly stimulating our babies systems (hopefully a part of the daily care routine) we will be giving our babies internal systems a gentle work-out each day. The more we exercise our internal systems the better overall wellbeing we will achieve.

  •  Relief - baby massage has been proven to ease many common baby aliments, such as colic, digestive problems, teething, nasal congestion and sleep issues for example.  

  • Relaxation - the process of massage helps to release oxytocin in both our babies system and also the parent doing the massage. Oxytocin is a stress busting hormone that combats stress, improves relaxation and also works as a natural pain reliever.  

The Next Baby Massage Course is a 4 week course commencing:

10am Saturday 7th March 2020

-28th March 2020

The Venue:

The Lounge/Servery room​

Market Bosworth Parish Hall

Park St,

Market Bosworth,

CV13 0LL


  • Baby changing facilities are available

  • Refreshments provided

  • Massage oil provided

  • Class handouts provided so uou may practice at home!

  • Completion certificate

  • Dedicated section on colic and teething relief

  • Ideal for some of the symptoms a tongue-tie presents!

  • Small group to encourage friendship building

Please note that the booking form will request details of your infant (unfortunately the system only currently allows for one type of booking form regardless of the service I offer). I will of course need both attendees names (one adult per infant only please), contact number and email address-please feel free to put 'N/A' in the remaining boxes, Thank you

BENEFITS of Baby Yoga

Yoga offers all of the benefits that Baby Massage does, but also some very positive additional benefits that we don't see with just baby massage:


 Yoga sessions work are tailored for babies a minimum of 8 weeks old all the way up to a year old.  It is offered in two sections 'Yoga-Babes' (8 weeks upto 5 months old approx) and 'Yoga-Tots' (5 months to 2 years old) to adapt to their developmental ages. (The GP/Health visitor 6-8 weeks developmental check must have been completed and nil concerns-if there are concerns please discuss with me before booking-07910608179).

  • The moro reflex - is stimulated to teach your infant about trust building, dealing with change and emotional self-reliance. All important factors in the development of our babies emotional bedrock capabilities.

  • Instinctive self protection - some babies are born with a instinctive response to put their hands out in front of them if they feel themselves falling, a very important skill particular when learning how to toddle/walk. Others, for all sorts of reasons (dyspraxia, eye-sight problems and behavioural issues for example) very often do not have this instinctive capability. Part of the yoga course focuses on how we can teach our babies that if they feel their centre of gravity changing or falling that we should try to control the fall and put our hands out to protect ourselves.

  • Building core strength - our core focused moves (particularly our advanced baby yoga moves) work to build a babies core strength and improve head control. Without core strength and upper body strength our babies may experience delay in reaching many of the development milestones used to monitor our children's development curve. 

  • Diagonal co-ordination - Yoga moves teach our babies the important fundamental of diagonal co-ordination - how to move arms and legs in opposing directions.  This skill can be very challenging for some babies to master particularly if they have any behavioural or development issues, but without this skill the basics of crawling and walking will be difficult to achieve.

  • Breathing - Using simple but very effective breathing techniques.  Very often simply by focusing on our breathing and breath control we can maintain greater emotional balance and deal with the day to day challenges of parenthood in a calmer and more in control way. 

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Baby Massage & Yoga Enquiry Form:

For all sessions please bring:

  • A towel or blanket

  • A cushion for parental comfort (for any floor work)

  • A short-sleeved baby vest-can be wearing under normal clothes on the day or as a spare

  • You will be asked to complete a medical questionnaire on week 1.

  • Oil is provided on week 1, additional bottles can be purchased at an additional charge (£3 per 50ml) or you may choose to bring your own

(cold-pressed, organic, sunflower​ oil-massage grade NOT cooking grade) nb baby-oils and coconut based oils are not recommended.  Please ask in advance if you are unsure.


Diana Warren;

Registered Nurse (RGN),

IBCLC (International Board Certified Lactation Consultant),

Neonatal Specialist Nurse (QIS),

Breastfeeding Counsellor (ABM),

LEAARC Infant Feeding Specialist,

Independent Tongue-Tie Practitioner,

Baby Massage Instructor &

Baby/Toddler Yoga Instructor

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