ANTENATAL Breastfeeding Workshop

-What you should know before your baby is born




Antenatal Breastfeeding Workshop

Finding out about breastfeeding before your baby is born can be a huge help in getting breastfeeding off to a good start. 

Are you expecting a baby? Would you like to prepare for breastfeeding your baby?  If you’re a dad, mum, partner or close friend or family member, would you like some ideas for how to support the breastfeeding parent and baby with breastfeeding?  
D-Restricted's Antenatal breastfeeding course will give you the chance to learn about breastfeeding, meet other parents with similar concerns, and find out where to access breastfeeding information and support when your baby is born. The course includes films, interactive activities and discussion.

I encourage you to bring along your partner or another family member, a friend, or whomever will be around to support you in the first few days and weeks after birth (1 additional person only). The best time to come is when you are around 28–34 weeks pregnant.

Course topics include:
-Anatomy and Physiology
-The importance of skin2skin
-Changing milk
-Combination Feeding
-Recognising when feeding is going well
-Positioning and Attachment to Breastfeed
-Recognising Feeding Cues
-Expressing and Breast milk Storage
-Support from partners

The course spans over two separate days each lasting a approximately 2 hours, which includes drink refreshments and friendship building.

Please note that the booking form will request details of your infant (unfortunately the system only currently allows for one type of booking form regardless of the service I offer). I will of course need both attendees names, contact number and email address-please feel free to put 'N/A' in the remaining boxes, Thank you.

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